Rug Hooking thru Unemployment

Welcome! I started this site to mark the progress on I rug I started when I was laid off from my job, (Yikes!) in October. It is to be my largest rug yet, estimated to measure 8' x 10' when it's completed. While I spend a great deal of my day searching for employment, I also spend time working on this rug. It has become a great source of joy and creativity. I hope to have found a job by the time I finish the rug. I will put updates to show my progress and also post some of my other pieces.

Monday, January 18, 2010

In October of 2009 I was, much to my surprise and dismay, laid off from my job as an artist for a small company in Haverhill, Ma. I moved to Haverhill for this job and was not able to relocate until my lease ran out in January of 2010. So, while I was trapped here in and looking for a job, I started on my first large scale rug as a way to get thru the long days. I hope to have found a wonderful new job not located in Haverhill by the time I've completed the rug. As you can probably tell, I am not overly fond of Haverhill. The rug has become my constant companion. I lug it everywhere and work on it whenever I can. I'm designing it as I go along....I know, horrors of horrors to most rug hookers, but I'm very sure it's all going to work out perfectly and everything will match up when I go to sew it together. I am now going to attempt to post some pictures of the rug in process. It's planned to measure about 8' x 10' when I've finished.

I am very lucky to belong to a group of rug hookers lead by none other than the famous Jessie Turbayne. She claims that none of her hookers has ever made an 8' x 10' so I'm hoping to be the first!!


  1. Yah, sister here.
    Finally, now more people can see what a masterpiece you are creating. It is inspiring to see what you are making of an unfortunate circumstance, that being the layoff. The color, the fun and joy of this piece make me smile.
    I am so psyched you are doing this blog. As you know but others may not, I am an out of work person that is 'recreating and updating' my career path by going back to school, interning, volunteering, reading and networking. I look forward to watching it grow.
    How do you plan on keeping us up to date on your work?

  2. I love love love that you have a pin-head chicken on your rug. Love seeing this evolve. Miss you very much, my friend.

    Julia McNair