Rug Hooking thru Unemployment

Welcome! I started this site to mark the progress on I rug I started when I was laid off from my job, (Yikes!) in October. It is to be my largest rug yet, estimated to measure 8' x 10' when it's completed. While I spend a great deal of my day searching for employment, I also spend time working on this rug. It has become a great source of joy and creativity. I hope to have found a job by the time I finish the rug. I will put updates to show my progress and also post some of my other pieces.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

...out of nowhere a hero comes along

Yesterday my car was buried a ton of hard, frozen snow. After about 20 minutes of trying to dig it out, I was soaked, sore, cold and frustrated. I had managed to clear about 1/2 foot of snow and was near tears. Then, from around the corner came a small beige, beat-up little pick-up truck with a snow plow attached. In a blaze of smoke and steam it pulled up next to my car. "Let me see if I help you" said the young man in the driver seat. It took him about 10 passes with the plow to clear the sides of my car; the piles of snow where so heavy and his truck so weak, he would stall with every effort. But he keep going. He had a friend sitting in the truck with him who would nod at me with each pass. After they had cleared my car, they went on to help my neighbors.

I had taken note of a company logo on the side of truck, a family welding business, so as soon as I had finished clearing off my car, I went inside and logged on to my computer to post a thank you. I found the company name, there was a post in big black letters saying "This company is no longer in business. Company closed." After thinking for a moment, I went to my wallet and took out the much needed 10 dollar bill that was in there and ran back outside.

I flagged the truck over as it drove down our street and told the drive,"Thank you, thank you so much for digging my car out" I said. "Yeah, that snow is tough" replied the driver. After a moment of silence, I handed them the $10. "This for both of you," and feeling it was so little for what they had done for me and all my neighbors said, "at least it will cover some of gas." He just took the money, said "Thank you Mame" and drove down to the next side street, where they got back to plowing people out with their mighty little truck!

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